Selling – is “selling” an art, a practice, or a science?

Here's my view on how we can really redefine the sales processes.

Selling is first a science, and for more reasons other than the math.

Everything we do as professional sales consultants is about skills and knowledge?

The objective of every true professional sales consultant is to become a trusted advisor to their guests. 

The only way one can be an advisor, is to be an expert, and the only way to be considered an expert, is to possess an over abundance of knowledge in your chosen field and break the information clutter.

Science is “Knowledge attained through study or practice” according to Webster’s Dictionary.   

Selling is an applied science in that it involves the application of research and scientific data to solve practical problems and human needs. Yet, selling is also a pure science; a social science, in that it entails the systematic study of human behaviour and social performance.

The Laws

In addition, selling also demands an understanding, if not, the full utilisation, of the sales process KPI numbers; the laws of selling.

A professional Sales Consultant works to achieve a high KPI closing ratio and other KPI’s, demo ratio, prop ratio and sales to prop ratio. For phones and Internet; appointment ratios, show ratios and sales to show ratios plus other factors to predict and control future outcomes.

Selling is indeed, first a science.

Practicing the Science

Once the true professional and modern–day sales consultant understands the science, it is time to practice that science.  Like the scientist, it is time to turn practical theory into actionable results.

Like a medical doctor, it is time to use science to maximise sales (and your income) by assisting your guests in a more professional manner.

Knowing the numbers, knowing the science is not enough; nor is the rudimentary or inconsistent application of the science.

Now, the sales professional must practice the craft; practice the science until it becomes perfect and reflective examination of the outcome KPI's.

Walk in, Phone up, Internet and “Be Backs” sales training.

Definitely not an American based sales training programme.

A uniquely developed Australian sales training programme based on current Australian sales culture, personalised guest service and awareness of the digital influence.

With the advent of the Internet and in particular the cultural use of Google as a search engine, (e.g. Carsales, Gumtree, Carsguide and other third party car sales sites), today’s guests are better educated than ever before and demand a new level of professionalism from auto sales consultants.

Buying a new or used vehicle today is an efficient and transparent process between the dealer sales team and their guests.

Guests have generally researched the purchase on the Internet thoroughly prior to contacting any dealer.

Guests have the power and the knowledge!

If guests don’t achieve the level of service they expect, they simply leave and make contact with other dealers. They have the choices!

The Brian Phillis Path to a Purchase is a state of the art selling programme having NLP influence and is psychologically designed to maximise the communication process with guests by allowing guests to recognise that the sales process is designed to provide the honest transparent selling experience they are looking for and without high-pressure sales processes.
Used Car Sales

Over the years we have seen examples of dealerships relying more on the “gut feeling art form? of selling used cars rather than applying clear business strategies and modern sales practices to the management of this key department.

In the last two years “used cars” has been under change attack from the pressure of the Internet, pressure from falling prices, reduced grosses and a potential for excess stock.

As these pressures evolve, used car opportunities will evolve for the proactive dealers.

To remain profitable dealers need to “unravel the art form? and go “back to 2015 basics?

Key Criteria to Success

The used car department has two basic keys to success.

The used car gross is in the buying – not the selling.

The more current the stock the greater the margin.

Dealers who hold to these two key disciplines produced greater gross profit per unit reduce their wholesale losses carry better stock and do not suffer “tear ups? from aged stock.
Used car selling is now a science.

One of the things that we have discovered is that it is critical to educate all of the sales team members including sales managers to the new state of the art selling plan.
We have all learners sign a confidentiality agreement prior to learning, so if anyone leaves the team they can’t legally share the information learned. It is that valuable!

Managing by Numbers and having a structured Path to a Purchase process is critical to maximising sales.

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