How I Would Work With You
I identify, Understand and Prioritise Your Needs

My process includes visits to your location(s) to meet with leaders and staff, as well as observation and data collection to gain a complete understanding of your current state and desired future state.

It's the combination of hard data and personal interviews that reveals the true approach needed to help you thrive.

I focus on “Managing by Numbers” and having a structured sales process that maximises “Global Income.”

When I have introduced these processes to my clients, it has changed the way they do business and how they assess what is best for their business.

I am a High Performance Automotive Sales Management and Sales Training Consultant, Coach and Trainer in the true sense!

I believe that most management techniques are about common sense having regard to the market and guest expectations, but quite often I hear from Dealers, GM’s, Sales Managers and sales consultants who clearly don’t understand how Managing by Numbers, a Structured Sales Process and a Global Income focus changes the way to do business in this Efficient and Volatile market.

Based on feedback, my techniques are state of the art. Applying my techniques that are not challenging, as they are common sense. I am experienced and understand how to do that in your sales organisation in a practical and non-disruptive sense.

My style is about working with you to analyse your individual under performance issues and identify and implement well-proven sales solutions based on my experience of what has worked best in the past.

The common thread, in which I am an expert, is an emphasis on structured methods for performance measurement and improvement.

Auto dealerships need to be accountable in the high performance measurement business.

The challenges described here will sound familiar to you and I can help you achieve results that will repay my fee costs many times each year for the life of the business.

Regardless of how you currently rate yourself against the competition, I will ensure that you will achieve the sales success and the profits you desire and deserve.

I am a niche consultant, coach and sales trainer and my business model is based on me solving your under-performance issues quickly, with a minimum of fuss and effort.

My Diagnosis and Action Plan

Step 1 of any new relationship is an informal and non-binding chat about your issues and challenges. To facilitate moving to that position, I offer a free 1-hour informal chat so that we can identify the common ground and mutual understandings and have total agreement for moving forward.

I am very happy to offer suggestions and solutions, but if the problem is more complex I might suggest a formal diagnosis process to come up with an action plan.

That might involve:
•    Talking to your people:
•    Looking at your historic sales, P/L numbers and processes
•    Benchmarking against best practice and competitors
•    Assessing your market.

I will tailor the scope to your current situation, in order to arrive at (fully costed) recommendations for any future actions.

The Power of Managing by Numbers

The truth is that there are good and bad ways to use numbers and whether any particular approach generates positive or negative outcomes depends on how people react and how numbers are used.

In all cases I recommend that you install my sales performance analysis system which is critically important to creating and utilising historic data compared to current KPI’s and utilising that data to create better performance in the future. What is almost universally true is that examining the correct KPI numbers helps managers understand what is happening in their business and then make better unemotional business decisions. Not just any numbers - the right ones.

Clearly, there is a small set of headline KPI’s that indicate if you have been successful in achieving your organisation’s vision. Those metrics, however, are about history and achievement. What is much more interesting and important to effective management, is using historic data for predictive analysis.

Looking at any sales organisation through its sales KPI’s is at the very heart of my philosophy, alongside a focus on communicating with, motivating and rewarding people effectively.

I am not an “accountant” analysing the past.

I am an experienced auto trade sales professional who understand the value of structured and quantitative methods in business. Training, Coaching, Communications and Capability Assessment – I offer a proven formal sales skills training programme, coaching and change-management methods.

I Am Your Critical Sales Business Partner

As is said, a problem shared is sometimes a problem solved and just having someone to bounce sales related issues with, can be invaluable.

I also offer free 24/7-phone support providing in-depth management experience to support mentoring and coaching across the full gamut of sales management and sales training competencies.

I can develop a high performance sales programme to suit your organisation and with regular ROI reviews, professional advice and structured or flexible plans, I will provide a sound return on investment.

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