Align your sales process to emerging expectations

It shouldn’t surprise any dealer that tomorrow’s generation of vehicle buyers doesn’t like a purchase process that requires hard negotiation and up to four hours in the dealership to complete a deal. In fact, these are key drivers behind the growing number of dealers and informed sales trainers who have re-engineered their sales strategy toward a model that moves cars with little or no negotiation. Some are pressing the in-showroom sales timeline to 60 minutes or less.

This model requires two steps many dealers are still reluctant to undertake—
1. putting “best price first”-like prices on new/used vehicles online, and
2. standing firmly behind their market-validated asking prices in the showroom.

In other words less dollar amounts negotiated-more gross profit.

This sales strategy re-alignment isn’t easy. It’s really a cultural shift that requires pay-plan and process changes including a focus on Global Income, to advance a business model where transparency leads to trust and, in turn, trust leads to more cost- and time-efficient sales and improved profitability.

If our sales consultants can’t earn a professional income and don’t have work life balance, we wont retain the best people.

Currently, dealers who have adopted the limited/no-negotiation models report positive early pay-offs, and greater satisfaction from Millennial/other buyers, who are delighted to share their experiences with friends. (NPS)

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