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A Look Ahead At Selling Tomorrow’s New/Used Vehicle Buyers

It is worth considering the following research findings about the up-and-coming generation of car buyers, known as Millennials or Generation Y updates:

Theirs is a “kinship economy!”

As Millennials engage retailers, a positive experience is paramount. “It’s all about how they resonate with people. They don’t want a relationship with just your brand, they want relationships with other people.

They expect to “co-create” retail experiences!

They expect to have their own custom experience, and they expect to be co-creaters.” They believe they are a generation of “creators” who are part of a group that will “change outdated systems.

They view cars as “appliances” that offer the ability to “explore and control” their destiny.

They are less likely to get driver’s licenses when they reach driving age, and vehicle purchases often coincide with life events, such as a new job or relocation.

They use technology (smart phones, in particular) to research shopping decisions, and they “expect you to know more than they do!”

They are less than satisfied with the in-store experiences dealers offer, in particular, the negotiation process and paperwork are among the chief complaints they cite about buying vehicles.

These insights got us thinking about these three specific things

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