About Brian Phillis

Brian Phillis is an Australian Specialist Automotive Consultant, Sales Trainer Coach and Mentor providing High Performance Sales and Training Solutions for Australian Automotive Dealers, across all franchises and independent used car operations.

Brian also provides consulting and training to specialised used car sales dealers.

  • Brian is a bespoke High Performance Automotive Sales Management and Sales Training Consultant in the true sense!
  • Brian works with dealers to offer professional assistance and share experiences that have worked in new and used car sales departments, F&I and Car Care departments to operate more effectively in any market.
  • Brian focuses on “Managing by Numbers” and having a structured sales process that maximises “Global Income.”
  • Brian has introduced these processes to his current clients and it has changed the way they do business and the way they assess what is best for their business short and long term.
  • Brian believes that most management techniques are about common sense having regard to the market and customer expectations, but quite often he hears from Dealers, GM’s, Sales Managers and sales consultants who clearly don’t understand how Managing by Numbers, a Structured Sales Process and a Global Income focus, changes the way to do business in this Efficient and Volatile market.

Brian's techniques are state of the art, and applying his techniques are certainly not challenging. Brian is very experienced and understands how to install the programme in any sales organisation in a practical and non-disruptive sense.

Brian's coaching style is about working with you to analyse your individual performance issues and identify and implement well-proven sales solutions based on his experience of what has worked best in the past.

  • Better strategies

    Brian Phillis provides solutions and recommendations for all of the sales related situations that automotive dealers experience.

  • High Performance Sales Outcomes

    Brian Phillis provides the specialist up to the minute sales logistics, sales management and an elite sales training to motivate a sales force to perform consistently at a High Performance level based on a proven sales process and utilising Managing by Numbers.

  • Internet Sales Performance Coaching

    The Brian Phillis sales management and sales training programme has been continuously developing high standards for the last twenty two years. 

    Brian is up to the minute in respect of the influence of the Internet and social media on the manner in which customers buy cars.

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